Klubo Internacia de Bao Amantoj

>>>  Klubo Internacia de Bao Amantoj 
Klubo Internacia Bao Amantoj is indeed the site of the United Nations for the addicts of Bao Games. Its motto could be "players of all countries, Unite!" 
This website, hosted by His Excellency and Illustrissimo Nino, is also a university where you can learn this complex game and a meeting place where many tournaments are organized all along the year. Mr Nino is a unifier and a creator of events,  Mr Nino is a true Ambassador  and dynamic "Evangelist" to promote the game of Bao throughout the world.

The game of Bao still unknown to the general public deserves a legitimate place and role in abstract strategy games such as chess games or the game of go... Why not join the fellowship of Bao players, now ?

When you play Bao, that is to have discovered the seriousness of adult you possess as a child at playNow Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game !

Never to Miss  : http://www.kibao.org/
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