Rolling Thunder Chess


Each player has :
  • 1 King - the royal piece. As in FIDE chess, it moves one square in any direction to a safe square. It is immobilized if attacked: a check must be relieved in some other way, such as by blocking the line of attack or by capturing the attacker.
  • 1 Queen - a Rook-Bishop compound, as in FIDE chess.
  • 2 Rooks - move in loops or along radial files.
  • 2 Bishops - move on diagonals.
  • 2 Knights - move one step orthogonally followed by one step diagonally, or vice versa.
  • 8 Pawns - as in FIDE chess, move passively forward orthogonally, capture diagonally. On its initial move, a Pawn may move one, two, or three steps, but is subsequently limited to one.
There is no en passant capture.
White Pawns move in a Southwest-Northeast or a Northwest-Southeast direction (the latter are shown upside down, for clarity). Black Pawns similarly move in a Southeast-Northwest or a Northeast-Southwest direction (again, the latter are shown upside down).




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