Initial Setup

Checkmate the opponent’s King
This variant is founded on the idea that a piece can change in other piece depending on the colour of the square.
  • VIOLET change a piece into a ROOK
  • VIOLET    = A ROOK
  • BLACK     = A BISHOP
  • RED           = A KNIGHT
  • WHITE does not change the piece

The Board
The playing surface is made of a 7 x 7 board with 8 non-board squares coloured SILVER with cross.

The Rules
The rules of FIDE chess apply except as noted below.
  • Upon entering a YELLOW square, any piece , except a King, changes into a QUEEN
  • A VIOLET square changes a piece into a ROOK
  • A BLACK square changes a piece into a BISHOP
  • A ORANGE square changes a piece into a PAWN
  • PAWNS do not promote on the last rank except in accordance with the above rule and do not have a initial double-move. There is no castling.
  • Check and Checkmate as in orthodox chess
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