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Aeolian: The Aeolian mode is the 6th mode of the major musical scale. It is commonly referred to as natural minor, the relative minor musical scale of the major musical scale. It's a Greek musical scale which entered into the western minor/major system.
  • C3 – F3 – G3 – Ab3 – Bb3 – C4 - C#4 – Eb4 – F4 – G4
  •  D3 – G3 – A3 – Bb3 – C4 – D4 – Eb4 – F4 – G4 – A4
  • E3 – A3 – B3 – C4 – D4 – E4 – F4 – G4 – A4 – B4

Akebono: It is a curious, exotic minor pentatonic with a strong Japanese feel. Akebono sounds mysterious and subtly entrancing. This scale asks more questions than it answers. Natural light in a sublime natural shrine: It appears in traditional Japanese music and has been affiliated with the wind and other natural sounds. Akebono is a traditional five-note Japanese musical scale. In a Western context, it can be thought of as a pentatonic version of the Aeolian mode.
  • C3 - F3 - G3 - Ab3 - C4 - Db4 - F4 - G4 - Ab4 - C5

Da Xiong Diao: An uplifting warm and golden combination of Shang-Diao-like Chinese major pentatonic, with the yearning darker quality of Pygmy. The name means "Big Bear Mode" in Mandarin
  • C3 – F3 – G3 - Bb3 – C4 – D4 – Eb4 – F4 – G4 – Bb4

Equinox:  Named for the twice-yearly balancing of day and night, when extremes are set aside and integration takes place; Equinox partakes equally of contentment and tranquility, yearning and melancholy. Very open, and ideal for meditation, Equinox admits and honors sadness, but can just as easily express gratitude and joy. A safe bet.
  • D3 – G3 – B3 – C4 – D4 – E4 – E#4 – G4 – B4 – C5
  • D3 – F3 – A3 – Bb3 – C4 – D4 – E4 – F4 – A4 – Bb4
  • C3 – Eb3 – G3 – Ab3 – Bb3 – C4 – D4 – Eb4 – G4 – Ab4

Hitjaz: Arabian musical scale, in a western context a Phrygian major musical scale or the 5th mode of the harmonic minor musical scale. Remarkably haunting, remarkably flexible, one of the deepest tunings available within the constraints of the instrument. Uniquely blends major and minor aspects with the unexpected ache of a Persian/Arabic dissonance arising in its being the fifth mode of harmonic minor. Justifiable an all-time favorite.
  • C3 – G3 - G#3 – B3 – C4 – D4 – Eb4 – A4 – G4 – Ab4

Melog Selisir: A classic Indonesian pentatonic major, echoing gamelan and related popular music from Indonesia. Optimistic and surprisingly uncolored in play, it is among the happiest tuning we offered but still can surprise with tension.
  • B3 - Eb3 - E3 - F#3 - Bb3 - B3 - Eb4 - E4 - F#4 - Bb4

Pygmy: A dark mysterious minor, with a slightly exotic yearning quality and enough dissonance to be forever interesting. Wandering in the periwinkle light of ageless endless summer dusk. Justifiably an all-time favorite, with a different character in every key. The Dorian Pentatonic musical scale is a five note version of the Dorian mode. It is also known as the Pygmy musical scale from Rwanda
  • C3 – F3 – G3 – Ab3 – C4 – Eb4 – F4 – G4 – Ab4 – C5

Raga Desh: A remarkably infectious major pentatonic mode with a very strong melodic momentum from one note to the next. Instantly taking us to the Subcontinent, particularly Bollywood soundtracks in which its use is common; a relative of our Deshvara expression of the same mode.
  • B3 - C4 - D4 - F4 - G4 - B4 - C5 - D5 - F5 - G5

Yu Shang Diao: The play of mist and sunlight on high mountain temples, hence its name, "Jade Mountain Mode" in Mandarin. Neatly poised between a nominally minor key framing, and the strong major coloration of its relative major... true dynamic equilibrium suggestive of the modes used in temple chanting in South East Asia.
  • C3 - F3 - G3 - Bb3 - C4 - Eb4 - F4 - G4 - Bb4 - C5

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