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Nocks and Inserts enable you to rig a spar for tensioning such as a spine, wing tip, or batten. Inserts can be used to reinforce and protect ends of spars from being crushed.

Molded Stoppers and Heat Shrink work great to prevent connectors from sliding out of place.

Doo Hinkeys : Clip-On Stoppers are ideal when you want to hold leading edge and T-connectors in place on your carbon fiber or fiberglass spreader or standoff. When you want a clean and professional look, use clip on stoppers. To permanently fix Clip on stoppers in place, put a drop of Zap-a-Gap or Superglue on the inner surface of stopper. Clip on Stoppers are molded from a durable hard plastic and come in a variety of sizes to fit almost any rod.

Kite nocks are designed with rounded tips. The rounded tip prevents the kite nock from getting stuck in the ground when the kite lands on the wing tip. Avia nocks are not as susceptible to warping or breaking like sharp-ended nocks, plus they‘re safer. Nocks are a perfect match for  carbon fiber tubes.

Arrow Nocks are the old school version that were used on classic stunt kites. Arrow Nocks are glued on to Nock Inserts when utilized for fiberglass tubing. When used with wood dowels, simply taper the end of dowel with pencil sharpener and insert dowel into the Arrow Nock. Fix in place with electricians tape or glue.

Nock Inserts are small aluminum fittings that fit inside Fiberglass Tubing. The proper size nock fits over the pointed end of the insert and is glued or taped in place.

Sleeve Inserts are sized to fit inside Fiberglass Tubing. They are used to prevent the hollow ends of the tubes from crushing.

End Caps serve as nocks for micro to medium sized rods. They are precision molded hard plastic with a unique design that prevents flying line from snagging on them.

Rounded Nylon Nocks are similar to the Avia rounded nock and little bit more economical. Molded out of a durable nylon material and available in two sizes.
Rounded Nylon Nocks are little bit more economical. Molded out of a durable nylon material

Apex Nocks are one piece nocks sized to fit over the outside of most pultruded carbon spars. They are durable, light weight and easy to use.

Tapered End Plugs (TEP), work well in place of Vinyl End Caps when you need to fit a spar through a tight channel or pocket. TEP also provide tubular spars with a little extra reinforcement to prevent spar ends from crushing.

End Plug . Converter Ferrules,are ideal for connecting two spars with different diameters together. Their most common use is for connecting wrapped tapered spars to straight pultruded spars. They can also be used as internal or external plugs that protect the end of carbon spars from being crushed. 

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