Fittings - Connectiques

Swivels and Clips allow you to easily attach and detach flying line from your kite. Swivels help prevent twists and knots from forming on your flying line.

Brass Snap Swivels are perfect for small single line kites

Stainless Steel Swivel Snaps are basic stainless steel swivel great for any kite. They are very durable and won’t corrode easily.

Snaps : This scissor action, plated brass snap opens with slight finger pressure and can be used on your kite, windsock, or wherever else you need a stong snap.

Ball bearing stainless steel swivel clips are precision made and spin smoothly with very little friction. They're stainless, possessed of a secure snap and balls that are the cat's meow for smooth action and minimal twisting. Ball bearing stainless steel swivel clips are precision made and spin smoothly with very little friction. Ideal for spinning windsocks or Fighter kites and Rokkaku kites. 

Line Tensioners
A Line Tensioner makes your bowline or tension line easier to adjust. Line Tensioners make your bowline tension easier to adjust. Bowlines are tension lines commonly used on Rokkaku Kites, Eddie Kites, and Edo kites to form a curve in a flat sail, arcing from side to side. By doing this, the kite becomes stable and flies in lighter wind. Use the flat tensioner for regular sized kites and the bent one for heavy duty applications.

Metal Rings and Triangles
Metal Rings and Triangles are useful for numerous applications. Use on multiple bridle kites such as Parafoil, Flare, and Rokkaku Kites to join the bridles at a single point, where the flying line will be attached. Use for joining the bridle lines on a windsock for hanging. Use the Split Rings for attaching tails through a grommet or loop on a kite. The Split Rings are made from nickel-plated tempered steel. The closed rings are made from aluminium.

O-rings don’t break or deteriorate due to sun exposure. Simply push the O-ring part way through the sail tensioning loop, pull the ring through itself, and stretch the pulled end over the nock. O-rings can also be used to hold two intersecting spars together, such as a top spreader intersecting the spine on a stunt kite.

Plastic D Rings are great for your kite bag or your boa kite straps.
Vinyl End Caps are best known for protecting the ends of your spars, end caps also save wear and tear on your sail fabric from spar abrasion. Vinyl End Caps can be used to slip over wing tip nocks for protection and to prevent the flying line from getting snagged. There are so many sizes to choose from you can find a multitude of uses for them. Try for a snug fit so that you won’t have to glue them on. Do this by choosing a size slightly smaller than the diameter of your spar.

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